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At the intersection of client needs and superior practitioners,
value is created.

-Roald Ramsey, Exio Founder and Visionary 


Exio collaborates with other professionals to build the Exio Engine, a symbiotic partner network that provides a diverse suite of services to a shared client. As Exio generates deals, the clients behind these deals will need advisory services from a diverse set of professionals.

That’s where you come in. We will be referring these clients to YOU.

The Exio Engine is designed to create a stream of communication between professionals who serve entrepreneurs. By providing our clients with referrals to professionals who can meet their needs during divestiture, our network is strengthened, creating a “win-win” outcome for you, your clients, and Exio. 

So, how does the Network Program work?


Connect with Exio’s Nexus Architect Joe Threadgill ( to find out whether you qualify to become a Network Partner. If you qualify, Exio will then ask for your business portrait, brief biography, company biography, and company logo.


Exio will provide informational collateral to deliver to your entrepreneurial clients who are in need of divestiture or acquisition services. As an Network Partner and a vital part of the Exio Engine, you can provide your clients with expert divestiture advice from Exio’s seasoned professionals and fellow Network Partners, who will help grow your clients’ business value and maximize their divestiture.


When Exio receives a new divestiture client, we distribute the listing to our Network Partners, generating business for you while strengthening our own service offering.  Find out if you quality for referral compensation and whether it’s ethically appropriate within your industry.


By joining the Exio Engine, you will lock in a lifetime return from your client base, because you’ve helped them prepare for exit and gain a higher return on their hard-earned investment.

Once you’re a part of the Exio network, you’ll keep your clients longer, maintaining a professional presence for future investments.

As an added bonus, you’ll gain access to industry news and insider information through a complimentary subscription to Exio's Divestiture Newsfeed, which will come directly to your email twice a month. 

We believe that enriching your business intelligence ultimately strengthens our entire network.