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You've heard it before... It's Not What You Know. It's Who You Know. 


What's even more valuable is when the “who” you know is also excellent, smart, and capable. 

Our Network Partner Program is comprised of such experts. 

We've assembled a group of professional advisors who excel in their respective fields, in order to better assist Exio clients throughout the entire divestiture process.


| By offering Exio as one of your law practice’s services (Business Divestiture), you will receive referrals from us when our client needs legal services or help with transactional issues. The sale of a business creates needs for legal advice on contracts, inheritance, and fund placement. Our attorney Network Partners can expand their professional influence by helping clients build value in their companies. 

FINANCIAL ADVISORS | We refer our clients to our financial advisor Network Partners when a buyer or seller requires pre-transactional services such as tax planning, transition planning for insurance-related issues, employee stock ownership, and retirement. We also refer clients who need advice to protect a windfall cash event.

REALTORS | Many business sales involve sizeable real estate holdings and Exio always refers clients to our realtor Network Partners to handle this part of the sale. Often, the proceeds of a business sale are used for a trophy home, another business, or a retirement property.

BANKERS | Our banker Network Partners provide a broad range of services.  Exio clients may need financing to close the deal, escrow fund services, or have large depository needs after the sale. In return, our Network Partners refer their clients to us when they are ready for divestiture.

CPA'S | We refer our clients to our CPA Network Partners when a buyer or seller is in need of tax preparation, personal financial planning, auditing services, or general advice on developing effective accounting systems. Often, selling a business requires certified interpretation of company financials. In return, we can work closely with your clients to maximize the market and transaction value of their business.