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There are many good reasons to build a business... But if money is what you're after, there is no better way to get rich than to start and sell a successful business.

— John Warrillow, Founder of Warrilow & Co. and author of Built to Sell. 

Exio’s divestiture process isn’t one you’ll recognize. That’s because we sell companies differently than anyone else in the M&A market.

Our unique seven-stage process takes advantage of new technologies to uncover the qualities that make your business unique and leverage those qualities to pair you with the right buyer, resulting in a greater return on your investment.

The typical model of divestiture is somewhat archaic and Exio has designed a new model that allows business owners to better position their companies in the market through an Ultimate Listing Portfolio.   

Seven-Stage Process

Exio’s Seven-Stage Process is designed to unleash your potential value to attract the right buyer for your business, so you can gain the best return on your investment.

STAGE ONE: ASSESSMENT - During stage one, Exio assesses the seller’s business by collecting financials and analytics. This is also the point where the seller articulates their goals and aspirations. Exio also provides an assessment report, which identifies optimization options, comparative market KPIs (key performance indicators), provides a preliminary valuation target, and delivers a market-based optimization plan.

STAGE TWO: DIVESTITURE PREPARATION - Exio’s advisors work to optimize the business’s valuation by identifying optimal market positioning and “pearls” (with real-time market updates). Exio also provides pricing, deal structure options, high-impact visual listing and diligence presentations and materials, and complete marketplace analytics. Sellers also gain access to a trusted network of professional partners and secure pre-flight financing.

STAGE THREE: PROSPECT ENGAGEMENT - Exio devises a targeted Market Listing strategy and then releases the ultimate visual and informational listing. This is the point where the seller’s business goes to market! Exio develops prospect profiles (via Q&A), determines qualification, requires NDA signature, and authorizes buyers for due diligence.

STAGE FOUR: BUYER DUE DILIGENCE - Exio conducts and monitors due diligence activities, such as Q&A with buyers, secures buyer’s LOI and financial qualifications, releases sensitive disclosure report, and provides authorization(s) for formal negotiation.

STAGE FIVE: BUYER NEGOTIATION - Exio optimizes deal terms and structure by engaging one or more qualified buyers. Secured, parallel and private negotiations then take place. Risk is reduced for all parties via the Q&A format. Exio then selects and authorizes a single buyer for final negotiations and closing, notifies the selected buyer, and proceeds to exclusive Q&A and issue resolution.

STAGE SIX: DIVESTITURE CLOSING - Exio completes the closing process by conducing final issue resolution, securing the best and final offer, completing the final divesture agreement, preparing final closing documents, completing funding and transfer events, and finally— securing the deal. 

STAGE SEVEN: ASSURANCE - Exio reduces deal risk and increases capital attraction via assurance services. This entails preparing and signing of the assurance agreement, developing and distributing the assurance activity plan, providing financial insurance, providing compliance reports, resolving non-compliance issues, and assuring earn-out and OWC financing.