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Maximize Your Yield When Selling Your Business With Exio

Exio matches motivated sellers with ideal buyers. Period. 

But, make no mistake – it’s not just a simple task to sell a business. There are lots of ways to sell businesses…but there is only one best way to sell a company and that is the Exio way. Our proven Exio Engine is the best method to help you sell your business. Within our Seven Stage Process, the Exio Engine takes into account all facets of your business, its history, the current marketplace, and the future. From this process a comprehensive, unrivaled divestiture portfolio is generated to create the best process for selling your business. Once that’s done, we create what is referred to as the Market Maker Listing to sell your company.

The Market Maker is comprehensive in scope. It delivers all of the pertinent information a buyer needs when looking to purchase a business. You have a business for sale and there are buyers looking to purchase an existing company. The Market Maker is the matchmaker. 

The Exio team typically works with businesses generating annual revenues between $2 million and $30 million, but we're comfortable working with businesses up to $100 million in annual revenue.

Discover the Exio Difference & Its Successful Processes 

Ask any entrepreneur who has built their business and they’ll tell you it takes heaps of hard work to build and maintain a successful company. But, success shouldn’t end when you’re ready to sell the business, right? The divestiture of your business should provide a nice return on the investment of your hard work.

The Exio team has taken our combined 83 years of success and designed a model that employs proven technology, innovation, and creativity to develop a synergistic approach that will help you sell your business and assist buyers in locating successful, proven companies for sale.

Get Started

It’s never too early to begin planning your company exit strategy – even if you’re years or decades away from truly being ready to sell your business. The Exio team is here to help you prepare and uncover the information you need to maximize your ROI and assist you with making it possible to sell your business on your terms.

The “Get Started” tab on the right will help you begin the process of discovering the best way to sell a business. Once you submit your information one of our team members will connect with you shortly to discuss how Exio can help you develop a strategy to optimize your goals when you’re ready to sell your business.