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Latest Articles

The Net Of The Deal

Bill Littlefield - 05 September 2017

When you start to receive offers on your company, you should engage the highest bidder, right? Not necessarily. Here's why. 

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Why Are Great Companies So Hard To Sell?

Doug Miller - 20 June 2017

As professionals who specialize in bringing buyers and sellers together, we often see more issues pop up when bringing an excellent company to market than an average one.

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The Tsunami of Businesses for Sale is Coming

Mark Phillips - 22 May 2017

With the amount of privately held businesses forthcoming to the market, owners should look for ways to stand out from the competition. Exio believes that our marketplace, consisting of high quality companies for sale, along with high quality, pre-qualified buyers, will be the single best way to expose, market and ultimately sell companies in the lower middle market going forward.

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