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If you’ve ever bought a business before, then you know the steps involved in the traditional process of acquisition are far from easy.


Acquisition Through Exio

Exio’s acquisition process isn’t one you’ll recognize. That’s because we orchestrate acquisitions differently from anyone else in the market and exclusively take high-quality companies to market. In addition, Exio has reengineered the information gathering, organization and presentation process because the traditional “grab and splash” approach is ineffective — benefiting no one in the end.  Our approach is different. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re passionate about business and business owners. We believe that a company’s value should never be measured by numbers alone. 

So, what does the Exio Acquisition process look like?

STAGE ONE – A buyer enters Exio’s Listings and agrees to the self-serve Confidentiality Agreement to view the Listing(s).

STAGE TWO - To see more detailed information and analysis, the buyer completes a self-serve NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

STAGE THREE - Exio reviews the request before authorizing access to the Private Listing and full Divestiture Portfolio. Authorization is sent to the buyer via email. The Private Listing and Full Divestiture Portfolio include, but are not limited to:

  • A comprehensive suite of company and industry analytics compiled by our team of analysts
  • A comprehensive valuation on the company (50-60 pages) 
  • Foward-looking value visibility 
  • Unique pearls of value connected with its listings, including strengths and weaknesses 
  • Comprehensive due diligence suite online 
  • A video interview with the seller 
  • An Exio deal-rating through its proprietary rating system 
  • Pre-flighted financing packages 
  • Access to Exio’s Network Partners and their expertise 
  • TRUE and responsive buyer service 
  • A buyer deal specialist

- Exio works directly with the buyer to coordinate information exchanges between both parties.

STAGE FIVE - Exio coordinates a site visit.

STAGE SIX - An offer letter is submitted.

Every business has a unique story and Exio’s strength lies in uncovering that story and then clearly communicating it through our unique Listings. The Listings conveys the unique qualities of the business to buyers so you get an in-depth understanding of the opportunity and not just a superficial vagueness that leaves you wondering.

Having quality information in an easily digestible format matters — when you know more, you make better decisions.