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Our Company


We’re here to help you discover your business’s worth and map out a future that fits your financial and entrepreneurial aspirations. This is how we do it:

ASSESS | Employing the latest technology, expert analytics, and modern methods, we help you discover where you stand among competitor companies in your industry and region.

VALUATE | We help you gauge your current worth in today’s market and uncover the ways you can optimize your company’s value so that you can sell it for a premium when the time comes.

DIVEST | We’re with you throughout the entire divestiture process — creating your Ultimate Listing Portfolio, showcasing the qualities that make your business unique, and ultimately pairing you with the right buyer.

ACQUIRE | For entrepreneurs who recognize the benefit of buying an established company rather than starting from scratch, we help connect you to the business that fits your criteria.  


If you’ve ever bought or sold a business, you know the traditional process of divestiture is antiquated and complex.

Exio has taken a new direction, revolutionizing the conventional process of divestiture from start to finish.

So, you might not recognize the way our team conducts assessments, valuations, divestitures, and acquisitions. That’s because we’re employing better methods and technology to showcase the qualities that make your business unique. Our Ultimate Listing Portfolio is a powerful tool we’ll use to help you secure the right buyer for your business. And we’ll begin working with you well ahead of divestiture so that you’re favorably positioned in the market when you decide to sell.


Exio has been conducting business sales transactions since 1932 out of Portland, OR. Our seasoned team of professionals provide consulting and expertise, tailored for small business owners seeking optimization of their exit strategy or acquisition goals. We help the entrepreneur discover new opportunities for an optimized fit, customized to their aspirations.

Find out where your business stands: gain intel into the competitive health of your business and how much it’s worth in today’s market. Exio’s expert methodology will show you business improvements that can greatly improve your exit valuation and maximize your ROI. It’s never too early to start thinking about your exit strategy. Get the information you need so your business is prepared for that day when you’re ready to sell. At Exio, we help you sell on your terms: Your timing - Your price - Your deal.